Our Acrylic range of albums incorporates a superior Acrylic, which is mounted on the cover with a high gloss material underneath to give a striking high end feel. The Acrylic is surrounded by our premium German leather trim and comes in a wide range of stunning colours. It has a really modern feel to it and has become one of your most popular album ranges to date.

The linings of our Acrylic range of albums incorporate only the highest-quality Fugi Photographic white pearl paper for a sleek lay flat page.

Choose from Lustre/Glossy or Metallic finish all of which are laminated by default to protect the papers surface from UV rays and to give a life-long guarantee.

Our Acrylic albums are carefully bound to ensure rigidity and toughness with a choice of thin or thick pages at no extra cost.

Thin Page 0.8mm / Thick Page: 1.2mm

Leather Colours

Our Leather covers are made from German premium leather.
It’s superior to general leather in abrasion resistance, ageing-resistant and has a very soft finish.